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Tile Installation - Tile Repair - Shower Base Repair

If you are looking for a Tile Installation Contractor, you came to the right place.

Rollin Contracting offers every design and material option imaginable when it comes to your Tile Replacement and Installation projects.

Rollin has been Remodeling Kitchens, Bathrooms for many years, and Tile Installation is a complementing component of any remodeling project.

Although Tile Installation can be a great option for any room in your house, here is a list of Tile Installation locations most common to our service ...

  1. Entryway Foyer Floors

  2. Bathroom Floors

  3. Shower Walls & Bases

  1. Kitchen Floors / Backsplash

  2. Kitchen Counter Tops

  3. Mud Room / Utility Room Floors

... and we offer many Tile and Stone selections, which can include ...

  1. Bullet Marble - Granite

  2. Bullet Sandstone - Limestone

  3. Bullet Slates - Glazed Porcelains

  4. Bullet Glass Mosaics - Ceramic - Terra Cotta

... or any combination.

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Ceramic Floor Tile Installation Project - 1530 N. State Pkwy., Chicago, Il. / Photo by J. Smith

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Rollin replaces Leaking or Damaged Shower-Bases Liners,  which always involves replacing the entire masonry shower-base.

Although this can be a fairly intrusive kind of repair, we have had great success in that it typically Does Not necessitate complete shower-wall replacement, and that saves time and money.

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We look forward to Estimating / Completing your next Tile Installation project. We stand behind everything we do, and like most businesses great and small, our reputation is our greatest asset, so we provide a minimum of 30 References.

Take a look at some of our completed Tile Installation projects ...

Tile Installation Service

Tile Repair

Shower Base Repair

Rollin is also a great choice for all your Tile Repairs and Maintenance Tuneups, Including ...

  1. Bullet Loose Tile Replacement

  2. Bullet Re-Grouting

  3. Bullet Re-Caulking

  4. Bullet Re-Sealing

  5. Bullet Chemical Cleaning

... to keep all your Tile surfaces bright, clean and fresh.

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