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Handyman Service - Small Repairs

Rollin Contracting prides itself in being a full-service Residential Contracting company, which makes us ideal when all your Home Needs is a little Tuning-Up.

With Rollin you can have the confidence and piece of mind that comes with knowing you are working with a Handyman Contractor whose experience is Not Just Limited to small repair projects.

Rollin Contracting offers a variety of Handyman Services Including ...

  1. Bullet Tile Repair & Replacement

  2. Tile Grout & Sealer Replacement

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312-654-9173 Drywall Repair, Replacement

  1. Interior & Exterior Painting

  2. Light Fixtures, Bulb & Switch Replacement

  3. Plumbing Fixture Replacement

  1. Drain & Catch Basin Cleaning

  2. Window & Door Caulking

  3. Window & Door WeatherProofing / Stripping

  1. Gutter & Downspout Repair / Replacement

  2. Bullet Door Lock & Handle Replacement

  3. Bullet Storm Door & Screen Installation

The list goes on and on, why not create a Punch-list for us Today ... and Contact us for a Free Estimate!

If you are located in the Near-North, Lincoln Park, Gold Coast or Downtown / Loop Neighborhoods, we offer a variety of Handyman services that will fit your Home Improvement Needs.

Rollin is the right choice when all your home may need is a  little Caulk, Patching and Painting to look good as new again!

We look forward to Estimating / Completing your next Handyman project. We stand behind everything we do, and like most businesses great and small, our reputation is our greatest asset, so we provide a minimum of 30 References.

Can-Light Installation Project - 2033 W. Division, Chicago, Il. / Photo by J. Smith

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Handyman Service

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