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Rollin Contracting offers the best quality and service when it comes to all your Masonry Contracting projects, including Brick Replacement, and Brick Repair work.

We replace all types of Brick and Brick Masonry, Including ...

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Brick Replacement Project - 2110 W, Cullom, Chicago, Il.  / Photo by J. Smith

Brick Repair, Replacement

Brick damage or Brick Spalling is typically caused by excessive moisture or water infiltration of the interior brick courses of your Masonry walls.

Brick Masonry is designed to get wet and shed water when it rains, but when water is allowed to infiltrate the walls through faulty mortar joints or damaged roof copings, the walls do not dry-out sufficiently.

When your Brick Masonry is continually wet, the brick begins to decay, and Brick Replacement becomes necessary, this can involve just a few Brick, or hundreds.

Rollin has completed many Brick Replacement projects, and typically these projects involve replacing the spalling or water damaged brick courses at the bottoms and tops of gangway walls.

These areas are the most vulnerable for this kind of brick damage, particularly on many of the older or historic homes of Chicago.

Luckily, 100 year old Chicago common-brick is readily available for all your Brick Replacement needs, and so is Rollin Contracting!

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