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Hardwood Flooring - Installation - Repair - Refinishing

Rollin works with many Engineered Hardwood Flooring manufactures, including Boen Flooring.

At Rollin, we think Engineered Hardwood Flooring is the wave of the future, it offers Great Quality, Durability, Ease of Installation (Minimal Mess), Affordability, and a Huge Range of Styles and Finishes to choose from, Including ...

  1. Oak

  2. Maple

  3. Mahogany

  4. and Numerous Exotic Woods / Patterns

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Hardwood Flooring - Standard

Rollin also offers every Design and material option imaginable when it comes to the Installation of Standard Hardwood Flooring, including Refinishing, Board Replacement, New Installations, and in all Design patterns, Including ...

  1. Herringbone

  2. Parquet

  3. Bullet Random

  4. Bullet Diagonal

  5. Bullet Decorative Perimeter Borders

... all in the best grades and wood species available.

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Rollin also offers all types of Tile Flooring Installations, for further information, see Here

We look forward to Estimating / Completing your next Hardwood Flooring Installation project. We stand behind everything we do, and like most businesses great and small, our reputation is our greatest asset, so we provide a minimum of 30 References.

Take a look at some of our completed Hardwood Flooring projects ...

Boen Hardwood Flooring Installation Project - 1360 Sandberg Terr., Chicago, Il. / Photo by J. Smith

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Rollin Contracting is a great choice for all your Hardwood flooring and Engineered Flooring Installations, we have been offering unsurpassable Quality and Service in Chicago for many years.

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