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Rollin Contracting is located in the Old Town / Lincoln Park area of Chicago, primarily serving the Chicago residential remodeling and Home Improvement needs of the Near-North & Downtown neighborhoods since 1995.

We are a full service residential General Contracting company, and have a Great reputation for creating beautiful interior and exterior spaces, or just fixing what is broke, large or small, in a smart, timely, and cost effective fashion, to our clients satisfaction.

Unlike some of the other Chicago Remodeling Contractors, we do not sweat the small stuff. We have found that by servicing small home repair projects, as well as the larger Remodeling projects, we bring our clients a higher level of Service and Expertise than what might be expected from a typical Handyman service.

Given the times we live in, we take great pride in being independently owned, operated and financed since our inception. Great reputations are built over a period of years, making our reputation our most valuable asset. We understand this is important to you, so please ask for our references, and we will provide you with a minimum of 30.

Our success can be directly linked to four things: our dedication to Service, Quality, Design and Detail. We stand behind everything we do.

Enjoy, and thanks for taking a look at ... Rollin Contracting!

Jeff Smith

The view from one of our job-sites - 333 N. Canal St, Chicago, Il. / Photo by J. Smith

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