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Roof Repair - Roof Replacement - Leak Repair

Rollin Contracting has been a top Roofing Contractor in Chicago for nearly 20 years, we offer unbeatable Quality and Service when come to Roof Replacement or tracking down Roof Leaks.

Roof leaks lead to costly interior water damage repair work, and we offer many solutions to resolving those leaks, it all starts with a Free Roof Inspection.

Assuming your roof does not need a complete replacement, some of the things we look for and Repair are ...

  1. Bullet Wind Damage

  2. Protruding Nails

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312-654-9173 Failed Caulking

  4. Missing Or Damaged Shingles

  1. Open Roof and Flashing Seams

  2. Damaged Flashing around Roof Protrusions

  3. Damaged Roof Masonry

  4. Damaged Skylight Seals or Flashing

Keep in mind, your Roof requires periodic Maintenance, for further information visit our Roof Maintenance page ,... and then Contact us for a Free Roof Inspection and Estimate.

Roof Replacement Project - 2143 W. Lyndale, Chicago, Il. / Photo by J. Smith

Rollin also provides all the General Masonry services which typically go hand in hand with Flat Roof Replacements / Repair in Chicago, some of these services Include ...

  1. Tuckpointing

  2. Parapet Wall Repair / Rebuild

  3. Bullet Brick Chimney Repairs / Rebuild

  1. Bullet Stone & Clay-Tile Coping Replacement

  2. Bullet Coping Flashing Replacement

  3. Bullet Masonry Sealing

We look forward to Estimating / Completing your next Roofing project. We stand behind everything we do, and like most businesses great and small, our reputation is our greatest asset, so we provide a minimum of 30 References.

Contact us for a Free Roof Inspection and Estimate.

Roof Masonry Repair

Roof Leak Repair

Roof Replacement

When your Roof has been patched and re-patched, and it is time for a Roof Replacement, Rollin offers many options, we replace all types of Roofs, Including ...

  1. Bullet Flat Roof Replacement

  2. Bullet Shingle Roof Replacement

For further information on Roof Replacement visit the page which best describes your roof.

Contact us for a Free Roof Inspection and Estimate.

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