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Chimney Repair - Rebuild - Chimney Elimination

Rollin Contracting is a great source for Masonry or Brick Chimney Repairs, which can sometimes require complete Chimney Rebuilding.

Rollin offers many Masonry Repair services to keep your chimney in good working order, some of these service include ...

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  2. Chimney Brick Replacement

  3. Stone or Concrete Cap Replacement

  4. Roof Flashing Repair

  5. Chimney Liner Installation

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Chimney - Interior Masonry

Keeping your Interior Chimney Masonry in good condition is a top priority, decaying or falling brick on the interior of your Chimney can cause blockages.

We recommend installing metal rain caps, they help keep some of the weather out of the interior of your chimneys, and slow the erosion process down. Water and constant dampness erodes Brick Masonry.

Chimney - Exterior Masonry

Keeping your exterior Chimney Masonry in good condition is also a top priority. All Brick or Masonry Chimneys are part of your overall roofing system.

Damaged bricks or missing mortar allows water infiltration, water infiltration gets behind the roof flashing which is around the base of your chimney, resulting in roof leaks.

Chimney Repair Project - 3521 N. Greenview, Chicago, Il.  / Photo by J. Smith

Chimney Repair, Rebuilding

Brick or Masonry Chimneys need to be maintained from time to time, and are a necessary architectural feature of any home. But chimneys become a liability if they have been vacated or are no longer in use.

If one or more of your chimneys is no longer in use, Rollin is your source for dismantling

and capping them off at the roof line, watertight.

We look forward to Estimating / Completing your next Chimney Repair project. We stand behind everything we do, and like most businesses great and small, our reputation is our greatest asset, so we provide a minimum of 30 References.

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Chimney - Elimination

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