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Carol K., Chicago - 2/20/2011 / Yelp Review

The New Year did not start as I had hoped. I own a condo in the Gold Coast that I am really proud of. Through no fault of my own, I had to have my kitchen torn up due to a common pipe in the wall. After the building's contractor came out and did his thing, we discovered that my entire wood floor was damaged with water. I called Jeff at Rollin contracting and he was very professional, very timely, and very reassuring that he would take care of my floor. We got started on the project a week later and in the midst of it all I have to have hand surgery and the blizzard of 2011 came along. The guys he sent over were very respectful of my situation and worked extremely hard to work around my situation and get the job done as quickly as possible. I do believe they are the best in the business and Jeff was there every step of the way. My floor is beautiful and the blizzard is a distant memory. As for my hand ehhh, that will heal in time.  Thank you Jeff and Rollin Contracting. You are the best.

Mike C., Chicago - 12/13/2010 / Yelp Review

I live in a 1900s brick condo 6 flat...

We needed to have tuckpointing repairs so we got several bids...because we had used 'another' company for a roofing project last year we chose them over Rollins just because they were a known company...big mistake. We had to have the other company out several times to correct some things.

So when we needed some work done to weather proof our gangway this WInter, we contacted Rollins and they did fantastic work. The unit above the gangway is substantially warmer, and the gangway was cleaner after they finished!

We also personally needed some work done in our unit, and we again contacted Rollins. They did several plumbing jobs and fixed a leaking issue in the bathroom ceiling (that had been worked on twice in the past few years by others...with the leak coming back both times). Again, outstanding work and they guys really clean up after themselves.

I plan on making Rollins our personal contractor for future projects, and I believe our Condo feels the same way for any upcoming Condo projects.

These guys are top-notch.

Mike K., Chicago - 11/22/2010 / Yelp Review

We had some repairs needed on the roof of our condo building. Rollin not only came in with the best price, but Jeff gave me honest advice about what needed to be done. While the other contractors recommended additional work running up the bill, Jeff explained the most cost efficient solution and why other approaches were not only unnecessary but a bad idea. They did a great job for a great price.  I would highly recommend Rollin and will definitely keep Jeff's number for any future needs.

Amy R., Chicago - 10/14/2010 / Yelp Review

I live in a 100 year old building and have used Rollin three times in the past two years to install a new door, brick up a wall and for tuck pointing. They always save us money and can do the work promptly. I have been very pleased with the work they have done for me as well as for our building. I would use them again and probably will!

Amy & Peter B.., Chicago - 10/23/11 / Yelp Review

We used Jeff and Rollin to do tuck pointing for our 100 year old six flat condo in East Lakeview. Jeff was sensitive to our budget limitations and was very easy to work with. The job was done with the highest level of professionalism. The crew was respectful to our neighbors, always cleaned the area after the

Tim S.., Chicago - 10/24/2011 / Yelp Review

Jeff Smith and the Rollin Contracting team are as professional as it gets. We've used their contracting services for several projects in our 1900's limestone house, including exterior tuck pointing, drywall replacement, and tile work. Jeff and his crew finished all work on time, within budget, and to our complete satisfaction.  Jeff has a knack for great Chicago homes and we'll certainly be using them our future planned home renovation projects.

Jason M., Chicago - 8/26/2010 / Yelp Review

We had a very complicated tuckpointing project. I know it was complicated because I sought bids from 8 companies, 5 of which said they could not perform the work and did not even bid. Two companies gave me outrageous quotes citing the complexity of the work would require additional "costs." Rollin not only bid, but came in at the lowest price.

The work speaks for itself. It was a difficult job done with the highest level of professionalism. The crew was respectful to our neighbors, always cleaned the area after the work was done, and above all, did high quality work.

I would have absolutely no reservations recommending Jeff and his crew at Rollin. I intend to keep his number nearby should additional projects come up over time!

Brad B. , Chicago - 9/12/2010 / Yelp Review

We have a rehabbed 6-unit brick condo building from the 1890s. We have had Jeff and crew out three times to fix a number of things with the building. With every job they were on-time, honest, and did quality work. Jeff was also flexible and did not waste my time at any point in the process. We will be using them for all of the work at our building if at all possible!

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Matthew P.., Chicago - 4/27/13 / Yelp Review

5 stars. These guys are as good as it gets.  We needed some capstone work done and they did an A++ job.  Very professional, exceptional quality and cleaned up everything when done.  We will use them again and recommend them highly.

Dave A.., Chicago - 5/28/2014  Yelp Review

We are on the third floor of a walk up condo, and we have a private rooftop deck.  We started getting leaks in the ceiling in two places in our kitchen, and called about a half a dozen places in and around the city to come out and assess.  

The proposals were all over the place.  Some companies said it couldn't be done without ripping off the rooftop deck and repairing everything. Some companies said it wasn't the roof at all, it was condensation inside the house?   Jeff at Rollin Contracting was way more honest and practical in his assessment.  

He pointed out where he suspected the two leaks were coming from, but said that you never really know until you rip up the roof and move the air conditioner and take a look.  He told us that roof repair was tricky, that the guys who said we might have to replace the whole roof could be right.  But he wouldn't start with that, he would start with the less expensive approach.  

Granted, there was the risk that if it didn't work, we would have wasted that money when they re-did the whole roof, but we decided to gamble on a $2000 repair rather than jump into the $12,000 repair of the whole roof.  

Rollin Contracting was the only one who was honest and open and gave us options.  He was also the one who was most confident in where he thought the leaks were coming from.  

It has now been one month since they repaired both potential sources of the leak, and neither of the leaks have come back.  And in case you haven't been paying attention, we've gotten absolutely drenched this May.  Meaning there is no doubt in my mind that they successfully fixed the leaks.

The contractors that came to do the work were great, they didn't even enter the house.  I offered to let them come inside to get to the rooftop, and they said they preferred to just go up and over to keep our house clean.  

While taking up the wooden boards on the rooftop deck to do the roof repair, they accidentally broke one of the boards.  They went to Home Depot and replaced the board that day.  Not a big deal, and super quick to fix it.  

Also, at the last minute (after we had signed the contract), I realized that I had forgotten to ask them about the fireplace, which also occasionally drips water during bad storms.  I asked Jeff if he would have his guys look at the chimney to see if they could identify the source of the potential leak and to let me know what his recommendations were to have that fixed as well.  He went ahead and had his guys caulk it while they were up there without even charging us.  I know that's probably not a huge expense, but it was still a nice gesture to just throw that in.  

So across the board it was a great experience.  Would definitely work with these guys again and recommend them with confidence.

Shawn H., Chicago - 7/18/15 / Yelp Review

Jeff and Gene did a fantastic job diagnosing the cause of water coming in over my patio door each time it rained.  They identified two issues - that my neighbor's balcony above us needed to be re-caulked and that our brick was missing the necessary flashing.  Their quote was fair and they were able to schedule the work shortly after I signed.  The work was performed by Gene, who was an absolute professional.  The part I appreciated most was that he took the time to show me what he was doing each step of the way.  And the work was a success.  We've has two rainstorms since, and zero moisture!  I definitely recommend Jeff and the Rollin team.

Kelly A., Chicago - 6/5/15 / Yelp Review

We have a single family home in West Town that was leaking through the split face and also through our decks. After having 4 different companies come to the house for an estimate, Jeff had the most reasonable price, was the most knowledgeable without making it seem like I needed to tear down my whole house and start from scratch.

He had two teams come out (one for the decks and one for the exterior sealing) and they were all quite professional. They made sure to get the work done quickly and efficiently while respecting my neighbors on either side.

They answered all of my questions and let me known exactly what to expect. I already have projects for next summer that I will be calling them for.

W.C. B., Chicago - 11/29/15 / Yelp Review

Jeff and his crew have done a couple of jobs for us so far which included a roof replacement and wall/insulation/baseboard repair after a fairly large water leak and damage. Jeff and team did a great job with the wall/baseboard/insulation repair.  It was as if the wall had never been damaged and the attention to detail was clearly there.  Jeff and team also did a great job with the roof.  One thing that I think important to mention is that we had some standing water after they finished the job as its a flat roof with little slope.  I felt it was a bit too much standing water and it made me uncomfortable.  I simply mentioned my concern to Jeff and he got his crew back on it without any questions or hesitation.  They spent another day working in additional material and sloping the roof a bit more.  The result was very little standing water and I am really happy with the finished product. The reason this is important is because I have dealt with a lot of contractors over the years, and Jeff is very easy to work with and makes sure his customers are happy.  He doesn't try to defend things that don't turn out exactly right or make excuses. He simply spends a little more time to make it right.  We are getting ready to rehab one of our bathrooms and didn't hesitate in asking Jeff to quote the job.  And I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jeff to any of my friends, neighbors, etc. as well.

Ted B., Chicago - 11/9/15 / Yelp Review

Rollin did a great job refurbishing and painting my townhouse complex's iron work. Done on time and on budget. Highly recommend.

Dominic C.., South Lincoln Park Chicago - 8/7/17 / Review

Jeff and his crew have done everything in our house from roofing to installing new floors to painting etc.  Very highly recommend them.  Local and responsive

Monica P., Chicago - 8/9/17 / Yelp Review

I hired Jeff and his team for some deck repair work shortly before listing my house for sale. The posts were starting to sink, making the deck appear crooked, and questionable in terms of safety. Jeff was very professional,  explicitly outlined our agreed upon scope of work in the contract, and proceeded to send his team of workers to complete the work on time and without flaw or incident. I would not hesitate to hire Rollin Contracting again for future repair/remodel work and highly recommend them for any deck work projects anyone may need.

Virginia C., Chicago - 9/17/17 / Yelp Review

Jeff from Rollin first came to our building to bid on sealing the split face a few years ago.  I sincerely regret that our HOA did not choose him for the work back then, but I am so grateful that he was willing to come out again when our building showed damage from moisture coming in through the walls.  His team sealed all three exterior walls of split face and re-caulked several cracks in the masonry.  From answering questions to scheduling work, he was quick with communication, and made us all feel confident in the work he and his crew completed. In short, I would not hesitate to hire Rollin in the future.  

Thank you to Jeff and the crew for a job well done!

Eric R., Chicago - 8/11/17 / Yelp Review

I used Rollin Contracting to help dismantle and reassemble a HUGE antique cast iron fence.  It wasn't an easy project and after speaking with a few contractors, I knew Jeff and his crew were the right team for the job.  As with any project, there were hiccups but Jeff knew exactly how to handle them.  I would recommend Rollin Construction for any job, no matter how minor.

Robyn E., Chicago - 9/29/17 / Yelp Review

We found the company to be fast, efficient and reasonably priced. We first used Rollin a couple of years ago when there was a masonry problem in our townhouse development.    Several contractors had come out to look at the job.  Most could not readily identify the issue, tried to make the project into a HUGE production and also spoke down to me as a woman.  Jeff was the only contractor that came and spoke to me as a customer/person and had a clear and concise vision of what needed to be done to fix the problem.  Because of that initial experience, we have used Rollin for several other projects and expect to do so again in the future.

Brandon Halcott., Chicago - 1/22/18 / Google+ Review

These guys are excellent. Water issue at our condo building solved immediately with their work. They have come back a couple times to help with some minor issues as well.


Paul B., Chicago - 8/31/17 / Yelp Review

We've worked with Jeff at Rollin twice now over the past year for separate projects - one for a front stone step repair and the other for spot tuck pointing. He is always very quick to respond, very easy to communicate with, and quite flexible in scheduling appointments to quote the work and to compete it. Rollin's pricing is also always reasonable and you know what you're going to get with clear quotes and SOWs. He never tries to sell unnecessary work and is honest with what repairs are urgent and what can wait. We'll certainly inquire on more work in the future. Highly recommended.