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Beyond the Pale

Rollin Contracting is always up for a challenging project, and these are just a few.

We have a willingness to consider all the possibilities.

Combine that with a great sense of adventure, a little imagination, and we can make your next project a reality.

Although we are primarily a Residential Contracting company, sometimes when something really interesting comes along ... we just have to jump all over it, and we do!

Some of this has been related to salvaging significant architectural elements from historic buildings in Chicago before they were demolished, such as ...

  1. Bullet Sheridan Theater Facade - Terra Cotta Pediment

  1. Bullet Stewart-Warner Clock Tower - Iron Clock Faces

  1. Bullet Montclare Theater Facade - Terra Cotta Pediment Keystone

... and then sometime we even put it all back together again, like we did in November 2008, when we went to Sothebys in New York to install the ...

Elevator grillwork from the old Chicago Stock Exchange c1893, by Louis Sullivan

... a real Masterpiece of Design!

Some of he other projects you will find here ...

  1. Bullet Rustic Chair we created for the Chicago Celebrity Chair Auction in 1993

  1. Bullet Home Theater project, featured in North Shore Mag. 1994

  1. Bullet Bathroom Project, featured in Chicago Home & Garden Mag., Oct 2009

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Beyond the Pale